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We went a record 8 rounds of Good or Gross today, and Rizz managed to not get picked once...I guess that makes him the big winner! Check out the audio and video below! 8 Rounds of Good Or Gross
Some Teenagers Steal a Bunch of Gold . . . So They Can Make Themselves Gold Teeth? Are gold teeth and grillz still a thing? Does anyone have Chamillionaire's number so we can call and ask? Five teenagers recently broke into a bunch of houses in Greenacres, Florida to steal gold...
Would You Eat Bacon Wrapped, Deep-Fried Oreos? There are 5,000 state fair food vendors who are KICKING themselves right now, for not coming up with this recipe. A blog called Oh Bite It just unveiled a monstrous, all-American creation: BACON WRAPPED, deep-fried OREOS. Here's how...
A Guy Got Stuck in His Seatbelt, and Started Feeling "Hydrophobic"? There's a video of an older guy who somehow got stuck in his SEATBELT . . . it looks like the shoulder strap locked while he was taking it off, and then he couldn't get it over his beer gut. His wife keeps...
Is This the Dumbest "Family Feud" Answer of All Time? A guy named Rylan Towns was on a recent episode of "Family Feud" , and gave one of the dumbest answers we've seen on there. It aired back in November, but they just posted the video on YouTube. He was supposed to name...
Here's A Guy on the Street That Starts Catcalling Women During a News Report About Why It's Disrespectful A reporter for was in New York last week, talking to people about signs someone put up that said, "No Catcalling Zone." Which most people thought were great. But one guy...
20% of People Lie on Facebook to Make Their Lives Seem More Interesting When you're scrolling through Facebook and it looks like EVERYONE does cooler stuff than you, that's not quite true. Only 80% of them actually do cooler stuff than you . . . A new survey found 20% of people...
ARIANA GRANDE and BIG SEAN have broken up . . . but it's not because JUSTIN BIEBER groped her when he made a surprise appearance at one of her shows earlier this month. Their reps issued a statement saying, quote, "They both care deeply for each other and remain close friends...