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You're happiest in your 20's, 70's... Most Miserable? VIA: Do you reminisce about your 20s, and wonder how you POSSIBLY had any worries back then? Because life was so wonderful and easy? Don't worry, you'll find that happiness again . . . once you're really, really old...
One in Three 911 Calls Is Now a Butt Dial. You need to do a better job locking your phone. Either that, or your butt can't stop SNITCHING on you. San Francisco's Department of Emergency Management noticed there's been a massive jump in 911 calls in the past few years . . . there...
Angry Port St. Lucie woman steals boyfriend's false teeth, prescription drugs, police say. VIA: A woman in Port St. Lucie was arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing her boyfriend's prescription drugs and filing a false police report because he had upset her, police...
A Lawsuit Claims a Guy Was Fired For "Extreme Gas" If we're allowed to start suing people for criticizing our GAS, I'm going to get rich, baby. 70-year-old Richard Clem of Levittown, Pennsylvania was fired from his job last year . . . because of his out-of-control FLATULENCE. He...
Gary Busey did a jazz routine that earned him 16 points, but after the dance, he wouldn't stop rambling. BINDI IRWIN scored the season's first "10" with a tribute to her late father on Dancing with the Stars and Gary Busey got booted…so guess what the story is about? Mr. Busey’s...
The Cardinals have to wait one more day to find out which team they will face in the NLDS. They'll have home-field advantage against either the Cubs or Pirates, who play in the NL Wild Card Game tomorrow in Pittsburgh. The Cards hosts Game One of the NLDS on Friday. Friday's...