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Stratford Man Accused Of Performing Sex Act With Shrubbery An 81-year-old Stratford man has been charged with public indecency, accused of performing a sex act with some shrubbery. Police tell the Connecticut Post ( ) they arrested Wallace Berg Monday after...
People Like Pinterest the Most of Any Social Network . . . and Like LinkedIn the Least I feel like LinkedIn is a necessary evil for most people. You need a profile for networking and your professional reputation . . . but they send you a BILLION emails every day and constantly...
Would You Rather Get a $20,000 Raise or Four Extra Weeks of Vacation? Everyone knows Americans don't take vacations . . . at least not like those lazy Europeans. But do we even WANT more time off? A new survey asked people which they'd want more: A $20,000 raise, or an extra...
Would You Rather Have Nude Photos Leaked, or Your Financial Information? Which sounds worse to you: Having nude photos of you fly around the Internet . . . or having some hacker in Russia rack up 50 grand of debt with your stolen credit card info? It's a tough call . . . but...
A 31-Year-Old Attacked His Mom For Telling Him to Get a Job With the huge number of people moving back in with their parents these days, I think we can assume these kinds of fights are going to become more and more common. 31-year-old Jesse Randolph of Muncie, Indiana was in the...
"Us Weekly" says Ben has been enjoying the erotic services of 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian, who is their nanny. Supposedly, things started getting physical between them while Ben and Jen were on a trial separation. And when Jennifer found out, she fired her. But Ben's...