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You won't believe what one woman claims she's allergic to! A French woman is now getting a $560 disability allowance for a very rare allergy. She's not allergic to a food or plant, but rather, Marine Richard claims she's allergic to Wi-Fi and other electronic signals,
Last week going through some of the PORNO BDAY TITLES, we realized that some of them actually sound like KID’S BOOKS. So, we got a list together and your job is to guess whether these titles are A CHILDREN’S BOOK or a PORNO MOVIE WHAT’S THAT SMELL? – ANSWER DADDY, PAPA, AND ME...
I hate this guy so much it hurts. I mentioned yesterday that Kanye West announced at the VMA’s he will run for president in 2020… Back in April, a man named Tramall Ferguson bought , and now he's getting major offers to sell it, for upwards of $80,000. He...
Mugshot of the Day: A Woman Who Huffed Canned Air at Walmart Gets Frostbite on Her Face Remember back in the day when people HUFFED normal things, like spray paint and glue? Simpler times, man. A woman named Melissa Ann Wright went into a Walmart in Olathe, Kansas last Wednesday...
The Cardinals scored five runs in the seventh to push them to an 8-5 win over the Nationals. Kevin Siegrist improved to 6-and-1 in relief and Trevor Rosenthal closed it out for his 42nd save. The Cardinals clash with the Nationals again tonight at Busch. First pitch is at 7:15 p...
Governor Nixon’s son arrested for driving while intoxicated..Again Via For the second time this summer, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's youngest son is accused of drinking and driving. Wilson Nixon, 25, was stopped by Columbia, Missouri police around 3a.m. for driving...