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A Guy Floats on a Lawn Chair Thanks to 110 Helium Balloons . . . and Gets Arrested When He Lands There was a movie in 2003 called "Danny Deckchair" where a guy ties a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair and floats through the sky. And yes, that also happened with the old...
13 Everyday Activities More Likely To Kill You Than A Shark Time to stop hating on sharks and start hating on the horrors of everyday life. With the 2015 installment of Shark Week upon us, let’s try to keep some perspective… Sharks kill around two people in the United States per...
It turns out Americans do care about soccer, as long as we're WINNING. 25.4 million people tuned in to watch the U.S. Women's team beat Japan in the World Cup Final on Sunday, and it's the highest-rated soccer match in U.S. television HISTORY. To put that in perspective, it had...
Man dressed as pirate arrested in Florida Keys Pirates were once a common sight in The Florida Keys. On Monday night, a man dressed like a plunderer from the past caused quite a commotion. Deputies responding to a “shots fired” call on the old Seven Mile Bridge arrested a man in...
Whole Foods Co-CEOs Admit To Overcharging Customers Consumer trust in Whole Foods Market was shattered last week when a New York City government investigation revealed that the supermarket had been systematically overcharging customers for packaged foods since at least 2010. At...
This week kicks off a brand new round of Real or Fake! Cast your vote on whether these cans are real or fake and listen Friday in the 9am hour for the results. What will the next Real or Fake Punishment be? Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and Country...