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Tickets are going fast and you only have a few days! Ring in the arrival of 2015 at the 1st ever Ninja New Year ’ s Eve Party with The Rizzuto Show – December 31st at the Sheraton Westport Chalet in West Port Plaza Rizzuto and Jeff Burton host a night full of festivities Music...
Today on the #RIzzRewind we revisited us discovering the Screaming Goats doing the Imperial March. Your suggestions went even further so Moon dug up some videos. Enjoy the #RizzRewind and the ever-so-talented SCREAMING GOATS
The Top Stupid News Stories of 2014 Our first frivolous lawsuit of the year came from England in January, when a woman sued her divorce lawyers for negligence . . . for not telling her that a divorce would end her MARRIAGE. Our third favorite stupid lawsuit of the year came in...
Four Weird Things That Make You Feel Colder The weather so far this winter has been INSANE. But here are four weird things that can make you even COLDER. 1. Not eating enough. Your body is better at dealing with the cold when you've had enough to eat. And the same thing goes for...
The Most Popular Toy in All 50 States This Christmas If you haven't bought your kid a Christmas present this year, and somehow don't KNOW what they want . . . you could do a lot worse than just buying them what all their friends are getting. eBay just released its list of the...
Six Ways to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown Over the Holidays Getting stressed out over the holidays is pretty much unavoidable . . . especially if you have kids. But here are six tips to make sure you don't have a nervous BREAKDOWN. 1. Don't overspend. Money is the number one thing...
The Rizzuto Show is in the spirit of the season and bringing back everybody’s favorite holiday tradition...GIRLS WITH XMAS STUFF! The votes are in and the 2014 Girls with Xmas Stuff winner is Sarah from St. Louis. Sarah wins the huge Girls With Grand Prize – including a $500...
The Rizzuto Show is in the spirit of the season and bringing back everybody’s favorite holiday tradition...GIRLS WITH XMAS STUFF! Ladies – make it hot - make it funny - rock the holiday look however you want while somehow showing off your X-mas Stuff! Ornaments…Candy Canes…...
40% of Us Will Fake Being Happy When We Get Terrible Gifts You're probably going to get a few mediocre gifts this Christmas . . . the average person gets eight gifts and hates two of them. So how are you going to handle it? According to a new survey, 40% of us say . . . FAKE IT...