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Florida Man Goes On Drug-Induced Naked Rampage, Bites GF Sheriff’s deputies arrested an 18-year-old Jupiter man after he allegedly went on a naked rampage inside a house while screaming that everyone in the home was going to die. Daniel Leneve is facing several charges after he...
49% Of Us Don’t Know How To Change A Tire…1% Don’t Know How To Pump Gas Once upon a time, everyone was OBSESSED with their cars, and people were their OWN mechanics . . . at least if movies set in the 1950s are to be believed. Times have changed. A new survey found that at least...
A guy named Jack Vale runs a YouTube channel where he posts prank videos and his newest one is pretty good because he pranked someone who actually DESERVED it. Last week a scam message popped up on his computer telling him his computer was fried, and gave him a phone number to...
Here are some random facts for you . . . 1. Americans were scammed out of $1.7 billion last year according to the Federal Trade Commission. Identity theft was the most common scam, fake debt collection was number two. 2. Kellogg's admits that every color of Froot Loops is the...
Troopers said a man is facing multiple charges after he was accused of stabbing his girlfriend in the hand 13 times because his dinner was too cold. Michael Keeney, 36, of Cabin Creek is charged with 13 counts of malicious assault or battery, according to a criminal complaint...
A Florida resident gave a whole new meaning to the concept of a "restaurant drive-thru" over the weekend. 23-year-old Nicole Petersen drove her car straight through a Taco Bell in Coral Springs early Saturday morning. Police say Petersen's vehicle crashed through the building, "...