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The 10 Most Romantic Cities in America A new study found the most romantic cities in America. At least if you believe that romance equals food. And I feel like a LOT of us really DO believe that. OpenTable came up with the most romantic cities using three factors: The percentage...
Hey guys... I uber drive on my weekends off from my regular full time job. I drove this past weekend during Mardi Gras. Like New Years, i was prepared for drunk riders. I had my puke bags ready. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky as prepared as I was. This 24 year old lady that I...
Drunken couple let 9-year-old girl drive: deputies When drivers in Wisconsin spotted a swerving pickup truck and called 911, what deputies found in the vehicle shocked them: a child in the driver’s seat, a baby in the back and two drunken adults. Authorities said the pair was so...
A Shoplifter Said She Wasn't Stealing, She Ran Out of the Store Because She Pooped Her Pants A woman in Florida stole $199 worth of groceries last week. And when the cops tracked her down, she said she only did it because she'd POOPED HER PANTS. It's not clear if that was true,...
You can watch this vomitous game from today on our #RizzShow PERISCOPE
New Hampshire results: resounding wins for Trump and Sanders Democratic and Republican voters deliver resounding victories for two candidates whose 2016 presidential campaigns were once seen as far-fetchedVoters in New Hampshire delivered a resounding rebuke to the US political...
Diversity may still be an issue at the Oscars, but they're taking steps to solve one of their OTHER problems: Long, boring acceptance speeches. The plan was laid out Monday at the annual Oscar nominees' luncheon. Nominees were required to submit a list of people they'd like to...