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Get-well cards are nice, but they don't really make you FEEL any better. Unless they're filled with FAT STACKS. In case you missed the story, 46-year-old Joseph Amorese got a get-well card from his dad last month, while he was in a hospital recovering from hernia surgery in...
Man Arrested Near Bus Stop With Gaggle of Creeper Items A man was arrested after he was found with a stolen gun after acting suspiciously and watching girls near a school bus, Rock Hill police said. Rock Hill police were called to the 300 block of Chestnut Street after a...
Today was the day! Jeff Burton serves out his punishment for losing 'Real Or Fake' by facing The Rizz Show Paintball Firing Squad. Check out the Video, Audio from the show and bunch of photos of Jeff getting lit up with a paintball gun below! Burton Vs. The Firing Squad Check...
As the snow melts, methamphetamine dump sites are popping up like spring flowers across Calhoun County. Last week, Battle Creek police found eight plastic bottles used to make the drug in one woods along M-37 in Bedford Township. On Tuesday, Calhoun County Sheriff Department...
A booze-smelling man on an electric mobility cart wheeled around Publix, crashing into people and a store display before Port St. Lucie police cuffed him, according to statements in an arrest affidavit. When an officer arrived Nov. 28 at a Publix, a manager was following Wayne...
Gunmen Shoots At Random Cars on Highway 70 Two people were shot, one critically, and several cars were struck by gunfire Wednesday evening by a man speeding eastbound on Interstate 70 through three counties, police said. The man also fired multiple times at police, who returned...