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A Drunk Is Arrested for Calling 911 and Giving CPR to an Inflatable Dinghy A lot of us turn into idiots when we drink. But here's a guy who went into HERO mode . . . and he's STILL a jackass. A 22-year-old in western France called 911 around four in the morning on Sunday, and...
A Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend For Eating All the Salsa I haven't seen someone get this mad over salsa in a long time . . . not since those cowboys in that commercial found out the salsa they were eating was made in New York City. 50-year-old Phyllis Jefferson of Akron, Ohio was...
This woman is definitely our Hero of the Day. 38-year-old Karen Davis of Port Pirie, Australia was outside in January when she saw the Google Maps car driving by . . . so she ran out to the curb, lifted up her shirt, and flashed her MASSIVE BREASTS at it. Her topless photo made...
A 59-year-old man is dead after a fight broke out over who would get the last beer. Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said the call came in as an assault. Everyone involved had been drinking. When police arrived on scene, they could see one of the men arrested, Richard...
People don't like talking about their weight . . . because it's too damn high. We also don't like talking about how much money we make . . . because it's too damn low. But if you HAD to, would you rather admit your WEIGHT or your SALARY? In a new survey, two out of three people...