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A Man Named Bacon Is Arrested For Fighting Over Sausage Well this guy just found a way to guarantee people laugh at his last name even MORE than they used to. 19-year-old Thomas Bacon of Madison, New Jersey was arrested a few weeks ago for getting into a fight . . . over SAUSAGE...
A Group of Friends Almost Crash While Singing in the Car A video of four friends in a car is going viral, because they're making a selfie video where they sing along to "Baby Come Back" by the band Player. And right when they're really getting into it, they almost CRASH...
Annapolis woman arrested after she throws hot oil on boyfriend An Annapolis woman was arrested Tuesday night after police said she attempted to stab her boyfriend and threw hot oil on him. Anika Jamel Blake, 22, was charged with first- and second-degree assault for the incident...
A Guy Chokes His Fiancée For Saying the Indy 500 is Better Than NASCAR 57-year-old David Wilson of Franklin, Indiana was watching the Indy 500 with his fiancée on Sunday. They were also drinking all day. Because that's what you do. And at some point after the race, she announced...
Florissant woman accused of knowingly exposing teenager to HIV A Florissant woman is facing felony charges for allegedly exposing a teenage boy to HIV. Police said Eunique Dale-Doyle, 22, had sex with the 15-year-old after she was diagnosed with the virus. A grand jury will...
Randal Grichuk homered and drove in two as the Cardinals defeated the Diamondbacks, 6-4, at Busch. Jaime picked up his first win of the year. The Cardinals and Diamondbacks play the finale of their three-game series tonight at Busch. Lance Lynn starts and first pitch is set for...