Monday-Friday 2:00pm-6:00pm

Raised on the mean streets of Chesterfield, this STL native, ex-sorority girl is pumped to be the sister in radio you never had.

After 5 years of handing out stickers, driving the Point Trucks and....pitching the Point Tents, Lux is now in the studio LIVE for your auditory pleasure from 2-6p. With the Wayback at 5 she hopes to make the drive home from work the best part of your day (as if it isn't already).

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Another incredible video from my fave director Floria Sigismundi!!! 2005 The White Strips "Blue Orchid", this song was just so damn cool!
Love when new music kind of PUNCHES you in the FACE and this song does just that, starting out with an acoustic guitar being plucked -- then comes in the beat, very Radiohead or Alt J-esque. Then the first line of lyrics comes in -- "Can you please sit the f*ck down...." and you...
Ughhhhhhhhhh is this for real? Click HERE The ad lists : -6,250 sq ft Front of the House -3 Sand Volleyball Courts - with Professional Lighting -4,000 sq ft Patio around the Volleyball Courts -1,100 sq ft Front Patio located in the front -Fully trained staff, with management in...
I was surprised not just to find out that a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend is a THING...but also that it is based here in STL.....ou lonely? Need to get a boss off your back? Nagging Parents mad you haven't found the one? TO see the companies website click HERE
You know I'm excited! Being the resident Radiohead fan here at the Point I can usually bet on a few friendly sarcastic jabs from resident Radiohead hater Rizzuto but today he hit me up on twitter with an internet list explaining how to be a Radiohead fan without being a dipshit...