Monday-Friday 2:00Pm-6:00pm

Lux is the lone she-wolf in the Point's wolf pack. Raised on the mean streets of Chesterfield, this STL native, ex-sorority girl is pumped to be the sister in radio you never had.

After 5 years of handing out stickers, driving the Point Trucks and....pitching the Point Tents, Lux is now in the studio LIVE for your auditory pleasure from 2-6p. With the Wayback at 5 she hopes to make the drive home from work the best part of your day (as if it isn't already).

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Thisi s the second intallment of a series of mini videos where I lip sync songs we play at the sstation. This week I chose a song with a very simple but exceptionally catchy hook....see this band this Sunday at Big Summer Show! Capital Cities: Safe and Sound Come dance and sing...
SO i'm not famous for my lyrical knowledge but I sure LOVE to sing a long in the studio.....Watch me try my best not to mess up these Point songs weekly! This week's attempt is Bear Hands "Giants", you can see them live at the LAST Big Summer Show on September 21st at Verizon...
I don't claim to know everything but I sure as heck try not to let a good concert sneak by me! July 29th The Mad Magician $25 It's like a non official WAYBACK show :) They have already sold 100 tickets and that venue is SMALL so don't delay if you want in on this show! Buy...
The very first time I heard 105.7 The Point was in the early 90's when my older brother would pick me up after school. I have this very nostalgic memory of hearing The Urge and asking my brother what was this music andwhat was the station and I was forever in LOVE with...
Lux and Patrico challenge each other to a Chug Off at the 3rd annual Point .10k Challenge & Pub Crawl. Can Patrico chug 2 beers in the time it takes Lux to chug 1?
Lux and Patrico recap their Pointfest experiences. Plus, is Burton the father?
Lux teaches you all about selfies and Patrico takes on some food challenges.
Lux chats with concert goers, Patrico eats cheeseburgers, and the Jocks take a look at some tweets.