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The Smashing Pumpkins announced plans to record two new albums and it looks like they're moving right along with their plans as Billy Corgan recently announced the first album, Monuments for an Elegy featuring Tommy Lee on drums, is done. Corgan told "So it’s done now, Monuments for an Elegy that is; and what a relief." The album still has to be mixed.

Corgan also shared his thoughts on the recording process. He said, "I’d most hoped to convey the joy of creativity, and how with any artistic endeavor, when undertaken with friends, makes the journey worthwhile. So let me say for the record . . . that ‘M2AE’ was one of the easiest and most pleasurable albums I’ve ever made."

He added, "Having heard the album through for a first time in this, a finished form I was taken aback. ‘It’s indescribable, that,’ I told Shredder, meaning that what I heard was unlike anything I could recognize. Yet none of it was unfamiliar, either . . . big choruses, probing lyrics, odd twists of melody and guitars, guitars for days. Strange indeed."

Smashing Pumpkins is hoping to release the project soon.

The tentative track listing for Monuments To An Elegy include: "Tiberius," "Being Beige," "Anaise," One and All," "Run2Me," "Drum and Life," "Monuments," "Dorian," "Anti-Hero or Rocker," "Epic-Er," "Triumph, " Darkness," "Gothness," and "Stomper."

The group is also hoping to release a second album, Day For Night, in 2015.

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