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Foo Fighters ban odd assortment of items from concerts

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images

Foo Fighters are having fun with their tour requirements again, this time posting a list of prohibited items at their shows that features some decidedly suspect inclusions. While sensible things like glass containers and weapons make the list, also barred from the Foos' shows are such items as any pencils that aren't Number Two, issues of Cream magazine that do not mention Ted Nugent, derogatory press clippings about Shania Twain and more such nonsense.

Leg warmers, "unflattering photos" of Ryan Seacrest and almond milk also make the list, the latter being the strangest since Foos leader Dave Grohl enjoys the stuff.

On a 2015 North American tour, the group banned eight random items, including Frisbees, copies of Boy's Life magazine, uncured meats, weapons that may have been used on the show Vikings, selfie sticks, drones and wallet chains.

The Foos are known for the weirdly hilarious tour riders put together by road manager Gus Brandt, who famously designed a 2011 rider to look like a children's activity book, complete with coloring book pages, drawings of all the Foos, a word hunt for "catering don'ts," a maze to get guitarist Chris Shiflett to the catering area, a "which of these items belongs in a salad?" puzzle and more.

Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel said a while back it took the band some time to get used to large venues: "It wasn't anything we really thought about, and then there was a little bit of a change when we, right around 2000, opened up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a few months and played in arenas and figured out how to do it. 'Cause we'd been playing in theatres and you have to kind of play differently. And Dave (Grohl, frontman) grew as a frontman and we grew as a band, and then it became something like, 'Oh, wow, this is kind of fun, maybe we could do this.' And then it took a couple more records before it was something we could do on our own, but it feels all right now, it feels good."

  • Foo Fighters will perform at the Brit Awards in London on February 21st before heading to South America for a short tour.
  • After that, the Foos kick off a new North American run on April 18th in Austin, Texas, with dates throughout the spring, summer and fall.

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CHECK IT OUT: Here's a photo of the "prohibited items" list from a Foos show in Auckland, New Zealand


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