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Fall Out Boy defends divisive new sound on upcoming album

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Fall Out Boy will release its seventh studio album, Mania, this Friday (January 19th) and the disc is already proving to be divisive among the band's fans. The first two singles from the LP, "Young And Menace" and "Champion," have seen the band depart from its pop-punk sound in favor of tunes inspired by electronic dance music.

Frontman Patrick Stump explained in a Facebook Live session with NME that fans should know what to expect by now, saying, "We’re a band that has made no secret of experimenting and changing. (We’ve been) playing around with different sounds on most of our albums at this point. How long have we been a band? 17 years? To have anyone be surprised that we’re doing what we’re doing -- it’s like, were you paying any attention?”

  • Stump had said s a while back that the band has always resisted pressure to repeat past successes: "It's really easy to listen to it if you want to, but it's just as easy to shut it out, because you can kind of put the horse blinders on and just, and not pay attention to what's going on outside of you, you know. 'Cause of course there's people going, you know, like, 'You know, we need a single,' or there's people going, you know, like -- there's all sorts of different ideas and opinions. But you have to make something that you believe in, otherwise you wasted it."
  • The singer said that he feels "very confident" in the new album and sound, adding, "This is the first record we’ve ever put out where I don’t think, ‘Yeah… but that one.’ I love every song on it."
  • Mania was originally going to arrive in September, but was delayed after the band decided it wasn’t ready. It follows up American Beauty/American Psycho, which came out in 2015 and became the band's third Number One LP.
  • The latest single and video from the set is called "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)."


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