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Evanescence's new song "Hi-Lo" was written ten years ago

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In our recent interview with Evanescence, singer Amy Lee spoke about two new songs that are included on the band's latest album, Synthesis.

She explained to Donny Fandango about the song "Hi-Lo"; "I wasn't quite finished writing it before, but it's just a song that never fit anywhere that I've been holding on to and waiting to find its right home for 10 years. So it's this weird thing that I feel very close to already that I've had to listen to with my family and my friends to now finish it out and have the orchestra on it."

A second song she mentioned is called "Imperfection," and was written with string arranger, David Campbello and band member, Will Hunt. She commented about Campbello, "We went in and said, 'let's go in and go really deep and rip [the songs] apart and elevate 'em to another place together and make something new.' So for all of it, and the new song included, he was a real part of what laid the foundation of what was gonna happen. So it gave the music and the writing and everything a chance to grow in some different directions."



  • "Hi-Lo" includes a guest performance by famed violinist Lindsey Stirling.
  • As reported last month: Evanescence singer Amy Lee was awarded more than a million dollars in legal fees in connection with a lawsuit brought against her by her former management company. 110 Management Inc. sued Lee last year for unpaid commissions and fees. The firm originally sought $1.5 million from the singer, and eventually lowered the demand to $335,000. An arbitrator finally ruled the management company was owed only $4,900.


WATCH: Donny's interview with Amy Lee

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