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Weekend Movie Wrap-Up

The arrival of Inside Out was not enough to take down the indominus rex. Jurassic World held onto the top spot at the weekend box office raking in an additional $102 million to its record-breaking gross.

Inside Out had the second-highest opening of a Pixar movie behind Toy Story 3 back in 2010. Disney exec Dave Hollis said in a statement, "There's always something about momentum in this business. After having a week of Jurassic World's unbelievable business and having people enjoy themselves in a fully packed, communal environment such as the theater, they only want to come back and do it again. The size of Jurassic World's event may have helped the size of the event that is Inside Out."

Dope also cracked the top 10 with a fifth place debut.

Entourage and Love & Mercy dropped out of the top 10.


1. Jurassic World, $102M
2. Inside Out, $91.1M
3. Spy, $10.5M
4. San Andreas, $8.2M
5. Dope, $6M
6. Insidious Chapter 3, $4.1M
7. Pitch Perfect 2, $3.3M
8. Mad Max: Fury Road, $2.8M
9. Avengers: Age of Ultron, $2.7M
10. Tomorrowland, $2M

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