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    Lux is the only female allowed in the Point's boys club. You can hear her on weekdays from 10am to 2pm. *Each weekday from Noon-1pm tune in for the LUNCH HOUR WITH LUX!

    Every weekday Lux will host a special hour of programming... maybe it will be WAY BACK... maybe a Last Letter Game... maybe something completely new! And the best part about it is the Point listeners will decide what Lux plays everyday by voting on her Facebook page. Its all brought to you by Bud Light and HotShots.


PHOTOBLOG: Selfies: Vanity or Fashion?

Woody and RIzz tease me a good deal about my self photo sharing....although I have listeners who ask for photos and It's not like I have a photographer following me around so I gotta do it myself! However the main reason I take photos of myself is because I consider myself to some degree a MIDWEST FASHIONISTA....Missouri is not known for being the hub of fashion,the pure amount of Missourians featured on really re-inforces that. Read more...


Join Lern and Myself at Irish bars around the St. Louis area and donate $1 to receive a firefighter’s helmet on the wall with your name on it. For every dollar donated, participants will receive an autographed picture of Lern and Lux in their sassy firefighter’s gear. Read more...

28 days in FEB 28 Prizes you could win *Spoiler*

Ok so five years of my career here at the Point was spent in promotions....sooo I'm pretty aware of how the contests go here and let me first say.....YOU HAVE A STELLAR CHANCE OF WINNING ONLINE....texting is pretty tough since the technology is intense and people can text multiple times(i'm not smart enough to figure this out....but I have been told it can be done)....but online everyone gets an even chance and sometimes people are just too lazy to attempt to win....which means if you take 5 min and register your chances are HIGH. Read more...

Girls with Food-Epic Meal Time

Ok so I bet by now most of you have seen Epic Meal Time is is NOT NEW....however if you have not please enjoy your next addiction......Also LADIES this may help you think of how to make food look hot so you can win GIRLS WITH FOOD contest with WAR! Read more...

VLOG:Face for radio/Hair for photos?

Dork V-L-O-G

Memory first VLOG 2009

A trip down memory lane....

NYE 2012 at POP's!

Wow we had such an awesome time, didn't we!? Place was packed on the small stage side by 9:30pm and by Midnight we had to open up the whole place!!! Big thanks to Pop's for the yummy tiny tacos and other eats, fun party wear and of course throwing the party! Thanks to DJBIGJ,Killer Me Killer You, and High Spektical Photography (Clicking the link will take you to their facebook pages....HSP will have teaser images from NYE on their facebook so make sure you check them out tonight). Read more...

ICP Theater...>AMAZING

Sooooo FUSE has posted videos on their youtube channel....featuring the clowns wrapping on some popular videos!!! Read more...

Westboror Baptist Church on Russell Brand's Late Night

Brand X is a show I have yet to check out. Which seems odd since I am a fan of Russell Brand and his comedy. Fan or not check out this video he had two members of the (Famously hated) Westboro Baptist Church.....whoa. PS Tom Hanks....HELL. Read more...
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