The Obscure yet Highly Recommended Netflix...uh Flicks.


After three days on the couch I have come up with my two OBSCURE but AWESOME Netflix recommendations....I also asked for your input....SO here are the TOP 4. Please feel free to add yours in the comments....but seriously don't suggest the OBVIOUS yes Breaking Bad,Dexter,American Horror Story and Blackfish are on Netflix....send me the most obscure flicks please!

  1. Bronies- "This flick is so entertaining and by the way there are way worse hobbies for these men to enjoy than a show about friendship. My buddie Patrick posted it on FB yesterday and I'm so glad I watched it! Look for Dave Glover early in the movie!"-Lux

  2. One Day On Earth- "WOW,eye opening and amazing."-Lux

  1. Primer- "I have no idea what this is about,maybe Time travel? However i have had lots of people recommend it sooo it's getting watched this week!"-Lux
  1. Best Worst Movie- " This looks amazing,after the documentary I'm gonna watch Troll @....two for one recommendation!"- Lux