Just a few things we talked about today....

1.Six Row Brewing Co helped us realize a dream of brew goodness with our 105.7 The Point 21st Birthday Brew!

Click HERE to find out what store near you has it...btw its YUMMY!

  1. Strippers in STL want to file a class action suit...this was a topic discussed on my fb page and things got heated!

Click here to check out the artical and "Friend" me at the same time!

  1. Kate Upton and her lady parts went into space...even as a straight female I can say it was worth the watch!

Watch the video HERE!

  1. Vote for Woody and Rizz or Myself as the Best Media Personality and show STL why the POINT ROCKS!

Click HERE to vote!

Lux Does it All - Click Here to watch the videos.
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