Rock and Roll Supper Club


SO I have been having monthly or bimonthly dinners with a group of wonderful people! Those who are like minded in that we love music,play music,live music.

Last night we dined at the INCREDIBLE Diablitos I recommend: The Austin(with pork) The Pastor Tacos THe Fish Tacos The Tamales The Smoke and Mirrors Marg(if you like savory drinks)

oh and the CHIPS AND SALSA BAR....spoiler alert I think I'll be there for CINQO de Mayo for a huge party!

3761 Laclede Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63108

We dine and chat music and life! Had such a great time last night celebrating the prebirth of the newest Sevendust baby,The new Sevendust Album,Mrs. Michelle Chandlers Birthday,our homeboys in Hurt leaving for tour, and the new Greek Fire Single! It was also the first time EVERYONE could be together with touring schedules we usually get some combonation of these folks,but last night we we're all together!

Thanks Patrick, Rek, Bon, Vic, Clint, Tara, Moon, Kitty, JVenus, Maleah, Dan, Michelle, Meg, and Chris!