Mini Vacay to LA

Photos I want to say, I had an amazing lil mini vacay! I ate IN N OUT, saw the Kubrick Exhibit at the LACMA, cruised the venice boardwalk,Went ON Air with Stryker at KROQ, and danced in a club next to Craig Robinson(Daryl from the Office...who BTW has some amazing dance moves and shared his table at the club with Ben Savage...awesome).Enjoy the video of me on air with Stryker and the pictures!!

The travel portion was a mess from the get go. Wednesday night we boarded and pulled back from the gate only to be told that a coffee maker malfunctioned in the cockpit soaking the floor with water,aparently there is important electrical things under the floor boards sooo we taxied to maintenance and the dried the area... and replaced the carpet. SOOOOO I got into LA 3 hours late. My bag litterally came out 45 min after everyone from our plane had gotten theirs and left,the rental car is a whole'nother forward to our trip home....due to a fender bender on our way to the airport and some gnarly Oscar traffic out of Hollywood we arrived about 10 min before boarding however American said we could not check our bags and get on the after staying an extra night and getting up CRAZY early this am(losing 2 hours on the return) our plane this am was delayed for unspecified "work".....Finally leaving LAX at the air while I'm using the restroom I hear a commotion and a guy yelling for the flight attendants....the woman next to him was unconscious when I walked back and I heard murmers that she had seized. Two passengers with medical training we're able to get her stable so we didn't need to make an emergency landing....hopped in a taxi and here I am....ON AIR!

Missed you,not the cold weather.