I love music videos so I thought I'd round up THREE I LIKE this week and ONE I DON'T......

Rules to the Round Up

  1. Must Qualify as Point New Music-New tracks, so you can either fall in love or out of love with the track because sometimes I LOVE songs after I see the visual that goes along with it.

  2. I must give a good reason why I like/dislike it

  3. That is all.

......With that said lets do it!


  1. Switchfoot- Who We Are :::::Because it is like a lil featurette from their documentary which was amazing and I like surf videos!
  1. Bastille-Pompeii :::::Because it's creepy,much creepier than this song itself would suggest.
  1. Kings of Leon-Supersoaker :::::Because it reminds me of an instagram photo made into a video it has some CRAZY visuals.

Video I DONT GET....

  1. The Neighbourhood-Afraid :::::I like the song bu the video is BORING I mean 4 min of just a partial skyline through the dashboard with fuzzy dice? ARG!

I'll have 4 more videos next week! Please tell me if you LIKE or DISLIKE these videos and WHY?! Comment below it's super easy!

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