I have been working at 105.7 The Point for 6 years now. I remember in my first months as a promo assistant being able to give out a backstage pass for a Fall Out Boy Meet and boss said, "Do some trivia and give it out to a REAL FAN." I found a tween gal and her mom....I asked them about Pete Wentz(bass player of FOB) and his clothing line....the girl nailed the trivia and when I produced the passes she and her mom CRIED! It was one of the best moments EVER! Giving someone a chance to peek behind the curtain and see what happens in the exclusive I told myself I would try my best if I ever became a DJ to give that PEEK to as many people as possible...I know what your thinking, Lux you can't get us all backstage! True...but I can grab BEN my trusty videographer and try and capture a few moments....a PEEK if you will.

So this is the first PEEK! Last month The Ink Spot in Troy put on a HUGE Blockparty hosting about 5,000 people! With bands like Hurt,Cavo,Shamans Harvest,Brookroyal and more I HAD to get the scoop for here it is your PEEK at the Ink Spot Block Party 2013.

Shot/Edited by Ben Vogelsang(Thanks BUB)

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