I know by know most of you have heard a bit if not more about David Draiman singer of Disturbed going his own way and forming a new group called Device. I have given it a listen and have decided it still feels quite a bit like Disturbed as Draiman's voice is so unique as is the way he uses it....however they incorporate some nice electronic elements. But again it just feels so much like Disturbed, I'm not totally moved by it. However until I see them live the jury is still out since i'm on the fence.

In Contrast.....

I have always been a fan of Dan Chandlers vocals,They have a raw quality that doesn't loose any of the pitch/punch whether screaming or singing. Evans Blue has always been a great live band but I really do enjoy the direction Fight or Flight taking with his vocals integrated with the heavy riffs the band will be known for. So far have really enjoyed this new combination of musicians overall. Dan Donegan plays a large role in what I believe to be a distinctly different sound in this new group versus Disturbed. I cannot wait to see this band live and am excited to get my hands on the new album!

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