OK so last week on Thursday after the Blues game I tuned in to catch the second half of the Revolver Magazine 2013 Golden God Awards...a few questions...

  1. Why didn't the envelopes have the winner in them? Who got fired over that?

  2. Did they have a stage manager? Why was Chris Jerrico on his own waiting for Lzzy and Arejay Hale to take the stage?

  3. Why did each performer do 3 songs and talk in between like it was there concert?

  4. Did anyone else watch this trainwreck?

My favorite part besides watching the disaster that was the awardshow... wait wait my mother(former theater teacher) could have organized a better show, I was apart of a cancer trivia night that was more organized than this....cant they hire like a few people to not drink and make it work?......OK OK ENOUGH BITCHING my favorite part was Halestorm's performance.

Televised performances are always tough because the audio feed comes right from the mic so if you are not a fantastic singer it SHOWS....but Lzzy is just that she is talented on so many levels( being on time to present an award isn't one of them) but as far as skill on the guitar,stage prescence, frontwoman skills, and VOX home gurl SLAYED IT! I particularly liked this cover/duet with David Draimen (disturbed/device).....

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