Reasons why you should be at Pop's on April 1st to see The Joy formidable.....

  1. Dave Grohl endorses them...and in my mind he has PHENOM music taste....

  2. THe are amazing LIVE-Ritzy will ROCK YOU!

3.You know once you have a national commercial it's only a matter of time before your headlining ticket price is more than $15(in advance)

  1. It's at POP's so you can get real close....and no old woman in a wheelchair will be sitting in front of you biding her time till FUN plays(yes that is what I dealt with at Ho Ho SHOW). Side note... I was the first to stand and dance at that show....cause It's a feckin ROCK SHOW?@

  2. It's on a a Feckin MONDAY....what else are you doing that is as cool as catching a rising band so you can brag to all your friends and say I SAW THEM AT POP's WHEN!!!!

xoxo to all the true lovers of new music....those willing to let down their guard and go in with an open mind and open ears!

side note: They LOVE Jameson such a fun bunch to drink with :)

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