OK sooooo here's how it went down.....

Wendesday: All day lil sniffle here lota sniffle there...then on my way to my event BODY ACHES like a Feckin TRAIN ran me down!!!!

Thursday: Home from work trying to hurt,hair hurt....bad day.

Friday: Back to work lookin GROOOOOOOSS! Literally No one look at status!

Saturday: Still haven't slept a single full night since Tuesday....ugh

Sunday: Finally got my ass to Total Access Urgent Care

Here's why you should use this is NOT a paid endorsement.

  1. Online CHeck in saved me from paperwork nightmare while in waiting room.

2.Helpful and kind staff all 4 people I cam in contact with were so sweet and genuine and not OVERLY happy...which we all know is super annoying when you feel like a bear mauled you and you know you smell bad cause sick breath is the DEVILS BREATH(said in my Lucifer voice).

  1. Flat Screen TV's in the waiting room and in the exam rooms....F*ck your highlights magazines,ok they are there too for the kiddos, but real adults want to be entertained maybe have their mind taken off the fact that they could pull Santa's sleigh with that honker of theirs?!

  2. Med's on site...not always but they strive to keep some meds on hand. IE I didn't spend another 30-60 min at Walgreens or CVS waiting to get the meds to feel better.

I'm a BELIEVER....if you are sick...don't wait as long as I did....GO GET THEE to TOTAL ACCESS!!!

Hopefully I get rid of the ear infection I got from the Flu in order to head to Dublin Wednesday,thank you for all the well wishes. I LOVE YOU!

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