No doubt out of the many bands announced during yesterdays BIG POINTFEST 31 ANNOUNCEMENT most of the bands are household names to the serious Point Listener(you and me!) However I have been getting this question quite a bit in the last 24 hours sooooo let me drop some research on ya!..

1.Stardog Champion-Besides being the name of a popular Mother Love Bone song it is the new band featuring Aaron Fink and Mark James of Breaking Benjamin. THe other two members are , Nick Coyle of Lifer/Drama Club, & Josh Karis of Leroy Justice. Currently little is known about them. They don't have a wiki page or a website. They are however on twitter and facebook.

  1. BloodnStuff:"We are a two piece band consisting of ex-Economy Team members" Ed Holmberg and Dylan Gouert.Alice in Chains has them as their touring opener,pretty big deal if you ask me. And since you are "asking me" by reading this blog I should mention that if you are a fan of Middle Class Rut but if Middle Class Rut got punched in the mouth by Alice in Chains you'd get this awesome tunage by BloodnStuff. You can find them on facebook as well. They do not yet have a website.
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