Ok so five years of my career here at the Point was spent in promotions....sooo I'm pretty aware of how the contests go here and let me first say.....YOU HAVE A STELLAR CHANCE OF WINNING ONLINE....texting is pretty tough since the technology is intense and people can text multiple times(i'm not smart enough to figure this out....but I have been told it can be done)....but online everyone gets an even chance and sometimes people are just too lazy to attempt to win....which means if you take 5 min and register your chances are HIGH.



This brings me to our BIRTHMONTH promotion....I helped start this promotion two years ago sooo i'm really familier with how it works. SO here are my TIPS for winning....


1. 'LIKE' us on Facebook and 'Follow' us on twitter

2. Check said sites at 12pm daily as a new prize is up EVERYDAY at NOON.

3. CLick the link givin for the contest and simply register!

4. Dream about winning.

5. DO it again every day since a new prize is up daily!



BOOMTOWN....maybe it's a $105 VIsa Gift Card, and Autographed Guitar,Concert Tickes, ipad mini??!!!! Either way it's as awesome as the Point kicking St. Louis' ASS for the last 20 years!






Proud to be a Webster University Graduate! Love my Gorlocks.....can't wait for Mr. Lux to graduate from their next spring!!!!




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