TOP 5 things i'm most excited for at UPROAR

5. Local Boys Killer Me Killer You playing the Ernie Ball Stage: I've been in the local scene since I was in high school and I'm always excited when Local Bands get a chance to rock a big tour. Fans voted and Ernie Ball chose them as the winner.

Plus they are er...funny. he's not the frontman of Hollywood Undead any longer and the band may jumped him. Check out the video below describing the quarrel. I'm interested to see if his mask stays he is wearing it in interviews and music videos for his solo progect.





3. Uproar Fashion-Mohawks,Tattoo's,Mesh,Cargo Shots,Bikini Tops,Furry NEVER know!!!!!(See example at Right!


2.P.O.D.-RAIN/SLEET clearly not a factor for P.O.D. which was clearly one of the best performances at see what the CALI boys do with nice weather on Sunday!!! They are headlining their will POP OFF!


1.WEATHER-with the High said to be at 83 degrees and only a 10% chance of matter what band you came to see it's going to be an amazing day to be outside drinking beers and listening to live music....perfect pick up a hot chick in the lawn weather if you ask me!