5 Star Lounge...5 Thumbs UP!

Last night the future Mr. Lux and I went to the Wehrenberg Theaters Des Peres Cine to see The Dark Knight Rises. I bought passes to the 5 star lounge online and it was very cool getting to reserve my own seats. It was awesome knowing that no matter when we arrived we wouldn't have to sit in the front. Now the tickets we're a bit more expensive than normal($19 a seat i think) but for what you get in the seat it's WORTH it in my opinion. It felt like three to four times the room between rows and 6 seats to a row ,21 and older meant a better less annoying crowd,a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cell phones noise,each seat is a suede heated personal recliner, and a waitress who will serve you everything from traditional movie fair to full blown dinner and dessert! Grown up drinks from bottle/draft beer to full service bar is at our fingertips! Check it out,if you want to impress a chick or take your loved one on a special date DO IT HERE!!!! The staff was super friendly and I feel so spoiled I never wanna watch movies the regular way again!!!!