Who Killed(or Saved) the Music Industry?

Fifteen years ago the record business was flourishing. Sales were at an all time high, and everyone from the major label executives all the way down to the roadies were enjoying the success. Today, the music business is largely a working class industry. Record labels have seen dramatic revenue loss, and many artists have seen once lucrative careers diminish, if not disappear altogether. Some blame technology, some blame consumers, still others blame the record companies. This documentary seeks to explore the intersection of these ideas and find answers to the big questions.

- How have cheap and ubiquitous technologies changed the way we create and experience music? 
- What are the real world effects of illegal file sharing?
- How has the rise of network culture in the information age changed the landscape of the music industry?
- What is the future of the major record label and physical media? 
- Is it still possible to make a good living as a part of the music industry?

Is this the end of an era, or a golden opportunity to for the music business to re-invent itself and thrive once again? Let's ask the artists, record labels, producers, and managers themselves.


We've only just begun filming, and already we have talked with lots of great bands and artists. They are but the first of many, many, amazing people we will be interviewing for our film. Your contributions will help us travel the country to reach these people and make a film that will give you a first hand view of the music industry, and into the lives of those who are a part of it. We'll be filming tons of great bands, the producers who recorded those bands, and the record labels that often sign the bands, to tell the stories of those both on stage and behind the scenes. You can be a part of this film. There is a great deal of expense involved in making a documentary like this, and we can't do it alone. We have some awesome rewards for those who invest in us, and with every dollar, we are that much closer to making this film a reality. We have set what we think is a reasonable goal of $30k, but we are hoping to far exceed it! Every dollar counts. So please, help us spread the word! Help us make this film a reality. We can't do it alone! Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit our Kickstarter page. Sincerely, Adam and Ryan(STORY OF THE YEAR) ps I backed! So should you!