Point Club Members - enter EVERY DAY between now and Friday (November 24) for your chance to win SOLD OUT tickets to see HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD – next Friday Night, December 1st at Delmar Hall! 

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The Point presents a 2017 HOHO SHOW featuring PORTUGAL. THE MAN and VANCE JOY December 14th at Peabody Opera House, and we've got chances all this week to win tickets!   

Winners must be 21+

Tickets for Portugal. The Man and Vance Joy and all of the 2017 HoHo Shows are on sale

Front Row! Seats #1 and #2! Dead Center for The Point HOHO SHOW featuring EVANESCENCE 'Synthesis' Live with Orchestra next Sunday Night, December 3rd at Peabody Opera House.

Point Club Members - enter EVERY DAY between now and Friday (November 24) for your shot at our Grand Prize

The Rizzuto Show are recognizing some of their biggest fans in 2017 with the daily “TEAM RIZZ” member of the day presented by MATTRESS DIRECT!

Are you a hardcore mega-fan and listener of the show??? Apply and tell us about why you love The Rizzuto Show and why you deserve to be

You deserve a chance at better art. That is why the Point is teaming up with Iron Age Tattoo Studio to bring you the Tattoo ReDo Gallery.

Second chances are usually rare in life, but Iron Age can turn your tattoo problems around.

Have a band? Want to get airplay for your most kick-ass tracks? Submit your local or regional act's music for consideration.

The Point is "Everything Alternative" so we want to hear music from all types of local bands. Send us your music!

To submit your band: If you don't already

What is a First Of All Moment?

Maybe you've read a story that talks about a break in and how the robber, "kicked in the backdoor." First of all…kicked in the backdoor.

A First of All Moment is when a normal word not meant to be dirty...all of a sudden becomes filthy. Click HERE