Contests > Enter for your chance to join TEAM RIZZ in 2018!

Enter for your chance to join TEAM RIZZ in 2018!

TEAM RIZZ is back for 2018 brought to you by MATTRESS DIRECT

Close to 200 Rizzuto Show Super Fans were selected to Team Rizz in 2017…and we’re starting fresh for the new year in 2018.  If you haven’t yet been selected to Team Rizz get entered below! We’ve wiped the entry list clean and we’re starting anew. Please follow these three simple guidelines…

  1. If you were already selected for Team Rizz previously in 2017 please refrain from entering. You’re already on the team! No need to enter for 2018 if you already snagged your jersey in 2017.
  2. Only enter ONCE. Take your time, write in a solid entry on why you think you should be selected to join Team Rizz, and submit it one time only. Entering more than once does NOT help boost your chances of being selected.
  3. Please do not submit/nominate a person other than yourself for consideration. In order for us to mention someone by name on-air, use their picture on our website, etc…we have to receive the submission from that person directly. We greatly appreciate the support from all of our awesome fans but we can’t consider entries submitted that are on behalf of another person such as a spouse, family member, etc. 

As always we appreciate all those Weirdos supporting The Rizzuto Show daily! We had literally thousands of entries in 2017, so even though we can’t select everyone who enters we do say “Thank You” to every single listener who supports the show. GO TEAM RIZZ in 2018!!!

Each weekday The Rizzuto Show will select a new TEAM RIZZ member-of-the-day and that winner will receive the following…

  • The new limited-edition TEAM RIZZ jersey – exclusive to Team Rizz members!
  • On-air mentions by The Rizzuto Show at both the open (6am) and close (10am) on the day you’re selected
  • An on-demand song request of your choice at the close of that day’s show around 10am
  • Personal phone call from a member of The Rizzuto Show notifying you of your Team Rizz selection
  • Featured on the main page of as that day’s featured Team Rizz member

Fill out the Team Rizz application now and get entered if you want to join TEAM RIZZ!

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