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Offspring - Days Go By

Image iconOffspring_200x200_01.jpgOffspring ends P.O.D.'s 2 day reign with "Days Go By" from their new album by the same name. You can download the album from itunes HERE. The Killers take 2nd with "Runaways" and AWOLNATION picks up 3rd place with "Kill Your Heroes". P.O.D. falls from the top 9 completely. Listen the Top 9 at 9 tomorrow at 9p to find out if Offspring can hang on to the top spot.

See the entire Top 9 at 9 list below:

  • #9 Hoobastank "This is Gonna Hurt"
  • #8 The Black Keys "Little Black Submarines"
  • #7 Alabama Shakes "Hold On"
  • #6 Gaslight Anthem "45"
  • #5 Fun "Some Nights"
  • #4 Seether "Here and Now"
  • #3 Awolnation "Kill Your Heroes"
  • #2 The Killers "Runaways"
  • #1 Offspring "Days Go By"

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