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#SexyTimeFunFacts: People Send Nudes with Their Work Phones, Junk Pictures Instead of Passwords, Possible New Feature on Tinder (Use a Picture of You with Burton To get "MAD ASS") AND MORE!

3% of People Send Nude Photos Using Their Work Phone


I wish I was in a place in life where someone wanted to see nude photos of me SO BADLY that I'd idiotically risk my job to send them.  Because I'd do it.  In a SECOND.


According to a new survey, 3% of people say they've sent NUDE PHONES to someone using the phone, tablet, or computer that was issued to them by their company.


It also found about 5% watch porn on their work devices . . . and 15% hunt for new jobs on their work devices.  I'm not sure which one would make your boss angrier. 


(Daily Mirror)


A Porn Site Now Lets You Log in Using a Picture of Your Junk Instead of a Password

One day we won't need to type in passwords, because our phones will use fingerprint or facial recognition to know that it's us.  So I GUESS this is a step in that direction?


The porn site CamSoda just announced a new feature where their users can log in just by taking a photo of their JUNK.  Yeah, really.


Apparently they have the technology to analyze the photo of your genitalia and compare it to an initial photo that you provided . . . so they can confirm it's really you.  What an age we live in. 



The Four Times Women Are Most Likely to Travel with a Sex Toy

If you're vacationing with family this summer, don't go digging through your Aunt Donnie's luggage looking for a charger.  Because you might find ANOTHER type of gadget in there.


A new survey asked women when they're most likely to pack a SEX TOY in their luggage.  And on a summer vacation made the list.  Here are the top four . . .


1.  On a romantic weekend getaway.  64% of women would think about bringing one.


2.  A Valentine's Day trip, 42%.


3.  Summer vacation, 40%.  So the TSA is probably finding a lot of them right now.


4.  A trip during the holidays, 35%.


The most common sexy item women travel with is lingerie, followed by LUBE . . . sex toys . . . and RESTRAINTS, like handcuffs.


And the #1 person women don't want FINDING their sex toy is a family member.  65% said they'd rather have a stranger, roommate, or even a co-worker find their sex toy than someone in their family. 

(PR Newswire)


A Study Finds Men Who Marry Younger Women Live Longer

I'm not sure men needed ANOTHER reason to want to date younger women, but here you go.


According to a new study out of Sweden, men who date or marry younger women LIVE LONGER than men whose partners are around their own age.


Unfortunately, the same isn't true for women.  They found that when women marry men who are younger, it doesn't help them live any longer.


The researchers think the reason for the difference is that men thrive off the energy and support from a younger wife.


But sadly, women are usually less reliant on getting support in a marriage, so a younger husband's energy doesn't really help them.



If You Pay Tinder, They'll Show You How Someone Swiped on You Before You Decide to Swipe on Them


Tinder is still trying to figure out ways to make money, and this might be one of their best ideas so far.  Now, you can pay to find out if someone swiped left or right on you BEFORE you decide how you're going to swipe on them.



If they swiped right, then you'll know if you swipe right, you'll make a match.  And if they swiped left, you can get your silent vengeance by swiping left and maybe feel better for half a second about their anonymous rejection.



They're going to be testing it in a few other countries now, and they're planning on expanding it here soon.  The cost isn't set yet, but based on their current prices for premium features, it'll be at least $5-per-month. 




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