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#RizzNews: Why millennials cheat less than their parents. Naked passenger delays flight in Las Vegas. A Woman Fell Off a Balcony During a Threesome! AND MORE

Why millennials cheat less than their parents


When Amanda Chatel’s husband cheated on her after a year and a half into their marriage, she was flabbergasted. “I think cheating is one of the worst things you can do to a person,” said Chatel, who coped with the shock by throwing herself a lavish divorce party at The Plaza two years ago when she was 35.

She also never anticipated it. She explained that, “I was in my early 30s when I got married, so any interest I would have had to hook up was gone.

“There wasn’t a single ounce of my being that would have even considered cheating.”

Chatel’s attitude is in keeping with a younger generation that seems to view adultery as more cataclysmic than their predecessors.

A new study from the Institute for Family Studies claims 20 percent of those older than 55 years old reported having sex outside of marriage. That’s compared with only 14 percent of those under 55. (The study constitutes infidelity as having sex with anyone but your husband and wife.)

Millennials, generally defined as those born between 1981 and 1997, take a particularly dim view of cheating. While Generation X, born between 1964 and 1981, report a 17 percent extramarital-sex rate, those aged 37 and under claim a rate of 12 percent, according to the study.

Why are millennials so faithful? Could it be that we are all beautiful, pure-hearted people? Maybe, but it’s likely there are other factors at play.

For one thing, millennials are less sexually adventurous than their predecessors.

A 2015 study by Jean Twenge that ran in Archives of Sexual Behavior noted that baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) averaged an estimated 11 sexual partners throughout adulthood, while millennials averaged just eight.

Perhaps today’s youth isn’t as hot to trot as the over-55 free-love crowd was in their day.

Baby boomers came of age during the “Summer of Love” in 1967, when people were encouraged to “make love not war.”

Naked passenger delays flight in Las Vegas


Officials say a Spirit Airlines flight leaving Las Vegas was briefly delayed after a passenger removed all their clothes while boarding and approached a flight attendant.

The incident occurred Saturday on a plane bound for Oakland, California.

McCarran International Airport says police and medical responders took the passenger for observation.

Police Lt. Carlos Hank said the passenger received treatment after the medical episode.

KTNV reports the flight was delayed by about 30 minutes and arrived 20 minutes behind scheduled.

Christmas Decorations Are Already Up at One Department Store


I don't know when the first Christmas decorations are going to go up at a store here in America . . . but believe it or not, they're already up in England.



The famous British department store Selfridges in London put up their Christmas display yesterday . . . which means, yeah, they snuck it in BEFORE AUGUST, and just about 150 days before Christmas.



The store says that it may SEEM early, but lots of tourists from overseas who are visiting England right now are excited to buy their Christmas stuff to take home. 



(The Guardian

A Woman Fell Off a Balcony During a Threesome


  Today is a holiday called National Orgasm Day.  No, really . . . look it up.  It says it right there, on the Internet.



And I hope that YOUR efforts to fulfill the promise of the day go better than these people . . .



A man and two women in Bad Breisig, Germany had a THREESOME last week out on an apartment balcony, and that tight space led to some tough positioning decisions.



The two women argued a little bit over where they were going to be, but eventually it seems they all found a comfortable place.  But JUST as one of them was hitting her climax, she FELL off the balcony.



It was about 10 feet to the ground, and she wound up breaking bones in her legs and feet when she landed.



The other woman started screaming and ran down to help her . . . but SHE slipped and broke some bones in HER arm and neck.  So both of the women had to be rushed to the hospital.



The cops ruled it was definitely an accident so no charges are going to be filed. 



(The Sun)

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