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#RizzNews: Trial begins for man accused of killing FSU mascot with sword over gumbo seasoning; 97-year-old son of world’s oldest person dies at home in Jamaica; AND MORE

Trial begins for man accused of killing FSU mascot with sword over gumbo seasoning

The trial of a man accused in the fatal stabbing of a former Florida State University mascot is underway.

Attorneys opened their arguments Tuesday in the trial of 27-year-old Orlando Ricardo Thompson, who is facing a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the June 2015 death of 33-year-old Caleb Joshua Halley. He died after an argument between the two men over gumbo seasoning behind Buddy’s Seafood Market at 111 State 79, where they worked, escalated into both arming themselves. Halley was stabbed with a “decorative sword” in the fight and died two days later from his injuries. Thompson has since said he acted in self-defense.

Thompson’s attorney, Alvin Peters, met resistance Tuesday as he questioned state witnesses and attempted to highlight the order of events and that Halley armed himself with a broomstick before the fatal blow.

“This wasn’t self-defense,” Lt. J.R. Talamantez, of the Panama City Beach Police Department, told jurors during questioning. “It was the exact opposite.”

Thompson’s trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday with a verdict expected later in the week.

Halley at one time had portrayed “Chief Osceola,” FSU football’s mascot.

via North West Florida Daily News


97-year-old son of world’s oldest person dies at home in Jamaica

The son of a woman believed to be the oldest person in the world died at their home Wednesday in Jamaica at the ripe old age of 97.

Harland Fairweather, who had recently been ill but had seemed to recover, awoke saying he felt dizzy and then deteriorated over the course of the morning, said Elaine McGrowder, one of two family caretakers who were at the home at the time.

“He had been unwell for some time but we didn’t expect him to go like this,” McGrowder said.

Fairweather lived with his 117-year-old mother, Violet Brown, in the rural northwestern Jamaican community of Duanvale. He was born and raised there but spent much of his life in Britain, the caretaker said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “He was a beautiful man – very, very special,” she said.

Brown is considered to be the oldest person in the world with credible birth documentation, according to the Gerontology Research Group, a network of volunteer researchers into the world’s oldest people.

Guinness World Records, considered to be the official arbiter of the oldest person, said it was still researching a number of candidates for the new world’s oldest person title following the death Saturday of 117-year-old Emma Morano of Italy.

via Global News


Walmart Just Created a Mix of a Tortilla and a Croissant


Remember a few years back when people were lined up outside of one super fancy bakery in New York City to get cronuts?  I think it's safe to say that croissant mashups have now gone FULLY mainstream.



Because WALMART just created a new product called the crotilla (crow-tee-yuh) that's a combination of a croissant and a tortilla.  So what would that taste like?  A flakier, butter-ier tortilla.



They're now on sale at about 800 Walmarts around the country. 





A Guy Who Lost His Wallet 14 Years Ago Learns the People Who Found It Have Had an Annual Drinking Event in His Honor


A guy in London named Tim Burrows was at a music festival called the Reading Festival back in 2003 when he lost his wallet.  It never turned up and, obviously, he'd moved on.



But earlier this week, Tim got a Facebook message from a random guy named Giles who wrote, quote, "Did you lose a wallet at Reading once?"  Tim said he had.



And Giles told him he and his friend found it, they stole the $13 out of it, and they used it to buy hard cider.  Then they felt guilty about it, so they decided to hold a cider drinking contest in Tim's honor called the Timothy Burrows Drinking Challenge.



And they've been holding that event EVERY SINGLE YEAR since.  Apparently the rules are simple:  Teams of five people have a gallon of hard cider and they have to chug it as quickly as possible.



Now that Giles is in touch with Tim, he offered to repay him the $13 they took.  And there's no word if Tim is going to attend the 14th annual event that's named after him . . . but he never even knew about. 



(Mashable / Twitter)




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