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#RizzNews: Armed robbery at the Forest Park Metrolink, Pizza Hut employee pepper sprays a coworker, D.C. train station's video display streams porn AND MORE!

Armed Robbery on Clayton MetroLink Platform Leads to Arrests

via Riverfront Times

The thieves, one of them wielding a pistol, confronted a man today on the MetroLink platform in downtown Clayton, according to St. Louis County police.
The victim gave them his money and then bolted to safety, dialing 911 as soon as he was out of harm's way. County officers assigned to the MetroLink unit were riding the train to the station at 275 South Central Avenue and arrived at 1:08 p.m., shortly after the robbers fled.
Clayton officers also responded and helped catch the two suspects. The men had ditched the handgun as they ran, but police found the loaded weapon, authorities say.

The names of the suspects weren't immediately released. Police plan to present the case to St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney for charges.

A Pizza Hut Employee Pepper Sprays a Coworker During a Fight Over Toppings

It's nice to think that there are fast food workers out there that really care about the quality of their work and take their jobs SERIOUSLY.  But this officially qualifies as TOO serious.

A guy named Anderson Lewis works at a Pizza Hut in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

And on Tuesday night, he got into an argument with one of his coworkers about the sloppy way she was putting the cheese and pepperoni onto pizzas. 

She got into an argument with him . . . and eventually, it escalated to the point where he PEPPER SPRAYED her.  Then he wrote his address on a napkin, told her to head there if she wanted to fight, and stormed out.

The cops have put out a warrant for his arrest for disorderly conduct. 

(Atlanta Journal Constitution)

A Woman Finds Out Her Hotel Manager Fiancé Is Cheating . . . Through TripAdvisor Reviews

This might be the first time ever someone's been busted for cheating because of a travel review.

A 41-year-old woman named Melanie Sheard from Doncaster, England went on a vacation to Turkey back in May of 2014 and she met a 32-year-old hotel manager named Pablo.

They hit it off, started getting-it-on, and she kept going back to Turkey to see him . . . and eventually he proposed to her.  But since she had a lot of money and he didn't, she paid for her own engagement ring.  She didn't care, though, because they were in love.

Then, a few months ago, she was reading TripAdvisor reviews of his hotel and she noticed SEVERAL women talking about how they got-it-on with the manager . . . or that the hotel was bad because the manager was too busy hooking up.

She tracked down some of those women on Facebook, and they all confirmed the hotel manager they had sex with was Pablo.  So Melanie just DUMPED him. 

She says, quote, "I never thought TripAdvisor would be where I'd go to find out if my partner was being unfaithful, but I'm forever glad that I did . . . he just wanted me for my money." 

(The Sun)

One in Four Women Aren't Shaving Their Armpits Anymore


Well this is certainly one way to fight the fight for gender equality.  I'm not sure it's the SEXIEST way, but it's definitely a NOTICEABLE way.

According to a new study, only 77% of women under 24 now shave their ARMPITS.  Just four years ago, 95% of women shaved 'em.  And the percentage of women who shave their legs has dropped from 92% in 2013 to 85% now.

The main reason apparently ISN'T to send a message about society's beauty standards, though.  A beauty industry expert says it's a response to women realizing a lot of shaving and hair removal products are bad for their skin. 


(The Telegraph)


DC's Union Station information screen streams PornHub to shocked rush hour passengers

via Daily Mail

Rush hour commuters have gotten an eyeful of explicit pornography, after a directory screen in Union Station displayed sex videos in a suspected hacking.

The shocking incident unfolded around 5.30pm Monday at Washington D.C.'s Union Station, when a public information display screen showed a porn video for about three minutes, before a worker manually switched off the screen.

The video was apparently streamed from the explicit website PornHub, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the incident. 

'It was really explicit porn being shown on this huge screen and no one could turn it off,' one witness told the Post, asking to remain anonymous because she didn't want articles about porn to come up when her name was Googled.

'I was pretty speechless. I couldn’t believe this was happening in public and especially during rush hour,' she said.

It is unclear from witness accounts exactly what kind of acts were depicted in the video.

After the porn had been playing for about three minutes, a worker from the nearby fast-casual restaurant Roti rushed over and instructed another person on how to manually shut down the screen.

The screen is one of several in the commuter rail hub that displays business directories and advertisements.

The screens were installed several months ago, and an official with the station's management told the Post that the screen in question will remain off until an investigation is complete. 

Union Station is Amtrak's national headquarters and serves nearly 30,000 riders daily.

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