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#RizzEXTRA: Yes or B.S.: The 13th Anniversary of YouTube

Yes or B.S.: The 13th Anniversary of YouTube

It's time for "Yes or B.S."  We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S.  The first YouTube video was posted 13 years ago today.  So the topic is YouTube trivia . . .

1.  In the very first YouTube video, a guy explained that elephants have long trunks.

Yes:  It was an 18-second video of one of the co-founders at the San Diego Zoo.  

2.  Google bought YouTube for more than a BILLION dollars less than 18 months after the first YouTube video was posted.

Yes:  The first video was posted on April 23rd, 2005.  Google bought the site for $1.65 billion less than a year-and-a-half later on October 9th, 2006.

3.  The most-watched video of all time is STILL "Gangnam Style".

B.S.  That was the first YouTube video to get a billion hits, but it's now 6th all time.  Number one is the "Despacito" video with over 5 billion hits.

4.  The top 50 most-watched YouTube videos of all time are ALL music videos.

B.S.  47 of the top 50 are music videos.  A Russian cartoon called "Masha and the Bear" is #6 . . . an hour-long compilation of kids' songs by the channel LittleBabyBum is #20 . . . and another kids song montage by a channel called ChuChu TV is #43.

5.  The most DISLIKED YouTube video of all time . . . meaning it has the most 'thumbs-down' votes . . . is the music video for"Baby" by Justin Bieber.

Yes:  It has 8.9 million dislikes.  But it also has 8.7 million LIKES, which is good enough for 11th on that list.  ("Despacito" is #1 with 27 million likes.)

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