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#RizzList: Six Weird Things We Do But Don't Talk About

Six Weird Things We Do But Don't Talk About

Someone asked 1,500 people about things lots of us do, but never talk about.  Some are boring, everyday things.  Some are gross.  And some are just weird.  Here are six questions, and how many people have done them . . .



1.  When you sit down to eat in front of the TV, do you ever delay eating until you've found something good to watch? 


     82% said yes.



2.  Before you use the bathroom, do you ever check behind the shower curtain to make sure no one's there spying on you? 


     37% of us have done it. 



3.  Do you ever smell your dirty underwear to see if you can wear it again? 


     38% said yes.  And 12% said they've turned their dirty underwear inside out and worn it again.



4.  Have you ever picked your nose and EATEN it? 


     31% said yes.  And it's not just gross dudes doing it.  30% of women said yes to that one.



5.  Do you ever play with your HAIR DOWN THERE in a non-sexual way, like twisting or braiding it? 


     42% said yes.



6.  Have you ever not showered for several days, just to see how bad you could possibly smell?  (???)


     5% said YES.  But apparently we don't embrace our stink like Europe does. 


     15% of Europeans said they've done it, compared to 5% of Americans. 



(Daily Mail)

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