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#RizzList: How Much to Spend on Wedding Gifts in Each State!

Here's How Much We Spend on Wedding Gifts in Each State

It feels a little impersonal to give CASH as a wedding gift.  But it's what a lot of couples WANT these days.  Especially if they maxed out their credit cards paying for their big, dumb, lavish wedding.


So how much should you give?  A website called Tendr tracked how much users in all 50 states gave as wedding gifts last year . . . and the average was $160.


Don't break the bank just to keep up with that number though.  Some people gave a lot more, and most people gave less than that.  $160 was just the average.


Summer weddings had the highest average gift at $174.  Winter weddings had the lowest at $147.  Maybe because we're more strapped for cash around the holidays.


The state where people spent the most was Vermont at a whopping $245.  And the rest of the top five were also in the northeast:  Rhode Island, $235 . . . Connecticut, $200 . . . New Jersey, $198 . . . and New York, $191.


If you're heading to a wedding this summer in Arkansas, Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Idaho, or Kansas, you're in luck.  All those states averaged less than $100.  Arkansas was the lowest at $73. 



(Here's a map of all 50 states.)

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