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#RizzNews: How Do You Multitask While You Eat Dinner? Woman fined for falling onto baggage carousel.

How Do You Multitask While You Eat Dinner?

You'd have to think there aren't many people who just sit at a table, alone, in silence, eating dinner every night.  It's 2018.  We're ALWAYS multitasking.

A new survey asked people what OTHER things they normally do while they eat dinner.  And people could give more than one answer.  Here's what it found . . .

1.  Watch TV or movies, 55%.

2.  Talk to the people they're eating with, 45%.

3.  Listen to music, 15%.

4.  Read, 13%.

5.  Check social media, 12%.

6.  NOTHING, they just eat in silence, 7%.

7.  Shop online, 5%.

8.  Work, 4%. 



Woman fined for accidentally falling onto baggage carousel, riding into luggage room

via FOXNews

One traveler's wild ride had only just begun after deplaning in Moscow, as she later fell onto the baggage claim carousel while reaching to retrieve her dog carrier.

Adding insult to injury, the woman was later fined for the accident.

On April 15, a woman traveling through Sheremetyevo International Airport was “accidentally swept away” by the baggage carousel as she attempted to fetch her bags, according to Channel News Asia. It remains unclear whether the woman or her dog were injured. The pair had reportedly flown in from Belgrade, Serbia..

"She was waiting to collect her luggage by the baggage carousel when she saw a pet carrier with her dog and reached for it," a transport police spokesman said of the scene, Channel News reports. "Apparently losing her balance, she fell onto the conveyor belt and was carried away to the luggage room."

Worse yet, the woman was smacked with a fine for damaging the airport's freight transportation system, which can be billed at maximum at 1,500 rubles, or $24. Details have yet to emerge as to how fast the baggage carousel was moving at the time...

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