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#HeadlineHooshe: Man accused of hitting daughter in the face with pool noodle

Man accused of hitting daughter in the face with pool noodle

A man was arrested after allegedly hitting his daughter in the face with a pool noodle, according to the Floyd County Sheriff's Office.

Mclin Wilson was placed under arrest for battery family violence and cruelty to children, according to authorities.

Police say they responded to a residence on Saturday night for a possible domestic altercation. The responding officer first spoke with Rebecca Hilburn, the complainant, according to the police report,

Hilburn told police that her daughter was playing with a hula hoop when Wilson stepped between one. When Hilburn's daughter pulled the hula hoop, Wilson fell, according to the police report.

Rebecca told police that Wilson got angry, grabbed a pool noodle, and hit her on the right side of her face, according to the police report.

When police spoke to Mclin, he claimed that Rebecca had been jumping all over the kids and beating them, according to the report. Mclin told police he grabbed the noodle to hit Hilburn to get her off of the kids.

Police put Mclin under arrest based on the testimonial and physical evidence, and was transported to the county jail, according to police

via Fox 5 Atlanta



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