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Watch the latest Matchup With Moon!

This round the questions cover The Lion King, cats, football, and more!

Watch the latest round of #MatchUpWithMoon. Can Rizz finally catch up with Moon? If you want to try your hand at Rizz & Moon's questions here they are:

Round 1:

1. Who is the voice of adult Simba in Disney's The Lion King?

2. The white material of an elephant tusk is known as what?

3. How many days does a cat stay in heat?

4. What does the 'N' in NATO stand for?

5. What is the postal abbreviation for Maine?

Tie-breaker: What year was The Lion King released?

Round 2:

1. What old school model/actress/singer was born with the name Norma Jean Mortenson

2. What current NFL player was the focus of the movie The Blindside?

3. What Saint Louis Blues player had the most playoff goals last season?

4. What beer does Homer Simpson drink?

5. What is Peter Parker's job at the Daily Bugle when he is not Spiderman?

Tie-breaker: How many seasons have there been of the TV show The Simpsons?



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