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It's time for.....#FridayFailStories!!!!: Mexico City's New Double-Decker Buses Don't Fit Everywhere; fugitive found sunbathing in massachusetts yard, arrested; AND MORE

Mexico City's New Double-Decker Buses Don't Fit Everywhere

Mexico City bus drivers have discovered the hard way that their new double-decker buses don't fit everywhere in the city.

A driver damaged the top of his bus by driving it into a station whose roof was too low to clear the vehicle.

The city received the new, British-built, London-style red buses just last week, and they are still conducting test runs.

But the buses are only able to run on a few lines of Mexico City's confined-lane Metrobus routes. The director of the Metrobus system says the driver involved in Wednesday's accident took an unauthorized shortcut on another route.

Director Guillermo Calderon said the driver would be punished.

via New York Times


fugitive found sunbathing in massachusetts yard, arrested

U.S. marshals say they found a New Hampshire “fugitive of the week” tanning in a family member’s backyard in Massachusetts and arrested her. The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force featured 35-year-old Amy Beth Tremblay in local media in New Hampshire on July 12. An arrest warrant had been issued for her in March on bail violations following a drug conspiracy charge.

Tremblay was also wanted on a New Hampshire federal warrant for bail violations.

The task force said Wednesday that tipsters reported seeing Tremblay sunning herself in a relative’s backyard in Haverhill, Massachusetts. They showed up and arrested her.

Tremblay was jailed in Boscawen, New Hampshire. She was scheduled to appear in federal court in Concord on Thursday. It wasn’t immediately known if she had a lawyer.

via CBS Boston


A Burglar Trashes a Store Trying to Leave Through the Ceiling . . . Then Finds the Exit Door


 I'm not exactly sure what this guy's plan was, but I think it's safe to say he did NOT execute it.



Last week, a guy broke into a clothing store in New Orleans by busting through the ceiling and sliding down on a long rope.



But the surveillance footage shows that as soon as he got into the store, he seemed to abandon his plans to steal anything . . . and became exclusively focused on how he was going to get out.



And for almost three full minutes, his only plan was to try to climb BACK out of the ceiling.  So he climbed shelves, propped up furniture, and just TRASHED the place trying to get back into the ceiling.



Then, finally, he realized there was a door . . . which he ran out of, apparently empty-handed.


The cops are trying to track him down. 





A Woman Stole $60 Worth of McDonald's Condiments


You used to be able to get extra dipping sauces for free at McDonald's.  But those days are long gone.  So this girl took matters into her own hands . . .



An 18-year-old in Australia named Kyara Blazely was recently at a McDonald's with some friends, and paid for her meal.



Then while they were all leaving, she grabbed an entire TRAY of dipping sauces and ran out the door with them.



It sounds like she was just trying to be funny or something.  She's 18, so it's understandable.  But then she made another dumb 18-year-old move . . . and posted about it on social media.



It was about 60 bucks worth of dipping sauces, so it was technically stealing.  A security camera got her on video.  Then an employee saw her Facebook post, so they knew it was definitely her.



She brought the tray and all the dipping sauces to a police station a few days later and turned herself in.



She had to go in front of a judge who called her the, quote, "dumbest defendant" they'd seen that day.  But they let her off easy with a small fine of about a hundred bucks. 



(NT News)


DA: Urine-Filled Condom Pops, Betrays Man’s Attempt To Cheat Drug Test

The Monroe County district attorney says the popping sound was caused when 21-year-old Daryl Anthony Koger used safety scissors to cut open a condom he had filled with clean urine.

Authorities say Koger sneaked the urine-filled condom into the probation office on July 31 so he could submit the clean sample in order to pass a court-ordered drug test.

Officials say they found the broken condom and scissors when they searched Koger after hearing the strange popping sound while he was supposed to be urinating in a sample cup.

Online court records don’t list an attorney for Koger who is charged with furnishing drug-free urine and possessing an instrument of crime — the scissors.

via CBS Philly


A Boat with Battery Trouble Calls the Coast Guard . . . Which Finds 1,200 Pounds of Marijuana on Board


These people just learned the hard way that the men and women of the Coast Guard aren't just glorified lifeguards.  Not even close.



Two people were having battery trouble on a boat off the coast of San Diego on Sunday, so they made a distress call.



Apparently they figured the Coast Guard would come and fix their boat with no questions asked.



Except that the Coast Guard got suspicious, and as they examined the boat, they found more than 1,200 POUNDS of marijuana.



Both of the people on board were arrested. 



(San Diego Union-Tribune)



A Drunk Driver Pulls a Bike Out of His Trunk and Tries to Flee the Cops On It


I don't know how this guy didn't get tased.  He must have lucked into a very patient cop . . .



39-year-old David MaGuire got pulled over for drunk driving near Bridgeport, Connecticut on Tuesday when a cop saw him swerving all over the road.



And after he pulled over, he jumped out of his car . . . marched straight at the cop while yelling at him . . . and dropped a bunch of racial slurs.  But he wasn't done.



He also chucked his phone at the police cruiser . . . walked back to his car and popped the trunk . . . then took out a BICYCLE, and rode off on it before the cop could stop him.



He must have realized it wasn't a smart idea . . . or he just wanted to taunt the cop a little more.  Because he turned around and rode back.  But while he was approaching the cop he WRECKED the bike and landed headfirst on the pavement.



He's smiling in his mugshot, so apparently he's fine.  He's facing charges for drunk driving, disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer, driving without a license, and failure to keep right on a curve.



And they also tacked on an additional charge for failing to stay to the right while riding a bicycle. 



(News Times)

A Drunk Driver Parks at a Police Station Because He Needed a "Safe Place" to Pull Over


The logic jumps that this guy made are, truly, the logic jumps you can ONLY make when you're drunk.



44-year-old Sean McCullough of Havertown, Pennsylvania was driving drunk after putting down at least a dozen beers last week.



Apparently he realized he was too hammered to drive and he wanted a safe place to park his car and take a rest.  So what's the safest place his drunk brain could think of?



A police station.



Sean headed to the nearest station . . . drove across their grass and the sidewalk . . . and pulled his Ford station wagon into a spot next to some police cars.



Some cops saw him and came outside.  He told them he was, quote, "hammered" and pulled into the police station because, quote, "I wanted to be in a safe place."



He was arrested for drunk driving. 



(Philadelphia Inquirer


A Family Lights Candles to Ward Off Evil Spirits . . . and Burns Down Their Home


 I'm pretty sure this family isn't going to mess with EVIL SPIRITS again . . . because the score now stands at Evil Spirits 1, Family 0.



A family in Costa Mesa, California held a ceremony on Tuesday night to ward off evil spirits, which involved lighting a bunch of candles.



And . . . they accidentally burned down their house.



Firefighters were able to put it out within 20 minutes to keep it from spreading and fortunately, no one was injured.  But I'm thinking no evil spirits were injured either, so it was NOT mission accomplished.



And they're not the only people to have BIG trouble playing with fire this week.  A 46-year-old guy in Dowagiac, Michigan was trying to burn a bees' nest on Wednesday when, somehow, he accidentally set HIMSELF on fire.



He was airlifted to the hospital to be treated for burns. 



(Los Angeles Times / MLive)


Man sets fire to house trying to get rid of wasp nest

A homeowner in the north core of Thunder Bay, Ont., learned a costly lesson Monday about how not to get rid of a wasp nest.

Fire crews were called to a home on Rockwood Avenue after a man poured gasoline on a nest and set it on fire, only to ignite the home the nest was attached to, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue district chief John Kaplanis told CBC.

The fire itself caused little damage, but crews were forced to remove siding from the outside of the house and break through the interior wall in the basement in order to spray water into the frame to extinguish embers that had fallen into the wall, Kaplanis said.  

Nobody was injured in the fire, and nobody was stung by a wasp, he added. 

Crews thoroughly ventilated the house, and the occupants were able to return home. 

Kaplanis called the incident a "costly lesson learned" and said people hoping to rid themselves of pests such as wasps and hornets should call a professional pest control company or use a commercial insect repellent. 

"Applying gas and lighting it would not be recommended at any time," he said. "Things can go wrong in a hurry." 

via CBC News


A Burglar Uses the Toilet, Doesn't Flush . . . and the Cops Catch Him Thanks to That DNA


There's something that's SO perfect about this guy getting busted because he's FOUL and RUDE.



The cops in Thousand Oaks, California were investigating a burglary back in October, and as they searched the house, they realized the burglar had used the toilet . . . but didn't flush.



So they bagged up his floaters and took them back to the lab for DNA testing.



It wasn't super high priority, apparently, because the DNA from his feces was just processed a few weeks ago . . . and it matched the profile in the police database of a 42-year-old guy named Andrew Jensen.



So he was arrested last week for first-degree residential burglary. 



(Ventura County Star


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