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#CrapOnCelebrities: ABC renewed Roseanne for a second season. Kurt Cobain‘s suicide photos will remain sealed.

ABC said they have four dramas, and four comedies coming.  Here are the highlights: They have "The Goldbergs", which is set in the '80s, and "Fresh Off the Boat", which takes place in the '90s. Now, they're adding a "Goldbergs" spin-off called "Schooled", which is also set in the '90s and stars Tim Meadows and Bryan Callen who are playing the same roles they did on "Goldbergs". Plus, there's a new sitcom set in the '70s called "The Kids Are Alright", which is about a large Irish-Catholic family with 10 people under one roof. There's a sitcom called "Single Parents" starring Taran Killam from "Saturday Night Live" as a man who goes to a support group for single parents. Brad Garrett is it in too. In 2019  ABC is debuting "Whiskey Cavalier", which is about an FBI / CIA inter-agency task force” and a legal drama called "The Fix" about a Los Angeles district attorney who loses a high-profile murder trial featuring a celebrity suspect. It was co-created by O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark . . . who kinda has experience with the subject matter.


ABC renewed "Roseanne" for a second season a month ago . . . but at yesterday's press event, the network's president said they expect the show to move "away from politics," and "toward family." She said that's why they wanted to do the "Roseanne" revival . . . to showcase a family that is, quote, "in a different economic status than some of the other family comedies that are on the air." Last night's episode may have revealed what Season Two will be about.  Apparently, Roseanne has a secret addiction to prescription painkillers.  And it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. Anyway, the other bigger shows ABC is bringing back next season include:  "20/20", "America's Funniest Home Videos","American Idol", "The Bachelor", "Dancing with the Stars", "For the People", "Fresh Off the Boat", "The Goldbergs", "The Good Doctor", "Grey's Anatomy", "How to Get Away with Murder", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Modern Family" and "Shark Tank 


The shows ABC has CANCELED include:  "Alex Inc.", "The Crossing", "Deception", "Designated Survivor", "Downward Dog", "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World", "Marvel's Inhumans", "The Mayor", "The Middle" . . ."Once Upon a Time", "Quantico", "Scandal", "Somewhere Between", "Still Star-Crossed", and "Ten Days in the Valley". They're still undecided on these shows:  "Battle of the Network Stars", "Boy Band", "Steve Harvey's Funderdome", and "The Toy Box". Some other new shows that will show up on ABC's schedule at some point include "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors", and an Alec Baldwin talk show.


ABC just canceled the Kiefer Sutherland thriller "Designated Survivor", but Netflix is reportedly interested in picking it up.  Nothing is official yet.


JAKE JOHNSON played Nick Miller on "New Girl", which ended its seven-season run on Fox last night.  He says he'd like to come back and do a revival in 10 years.


The return of "Last Man Standing" is killing talk of a possible "Home Improvement" revival.  It probably wouldn't have happened anyway  


The 11th season finale of "The Big Bang Theory" was the top show of the week.  Sheldon and Amy's wedding attracted 15.5 million viewers, and that was also the show's best ratings of the season.  Here are last week's Top 20 shows:


1.  "The Big Bang Theory" season finale, CBS, 15.5 million viewers

2.  "NCIS", CBS, 15.1 million viewers

3.  The "Young Sheldon" season finale, CBS, 12.5 million viewers

4.  The "Bull" season finale, CBS, 11.8 million viewers

5.  "Roseanne", ABC, 10.3 million viewers

6.  "Mom", CBS, 9.1 million viewers

7.  The "Blue Bloods" season finale, CBS, 8.9 million viewers

8.  "60 Minutes", CBS, 8.7 million viewers

9.  "American Idol", ABC, 8.5 million viewers

10.  Monday's episode of "The Voice", NBC, 8.4 million viewers


PAULEY PERRETTE made some interesting claims in a series of Tweets recently suggesting that she left "NCIS" over, quote, "multiple physical assaults." Then she added, quote, "Maybe I'm wrong for not 'spilling the beans.'  Telling the story, THE TRUTH.  I feel I have to protect my crew, jobs and so many people.  But at what cost? "I don't know.  Just know, I'm trying to do the right thing, but maybe silence isn't the right thing about crime.  Then she said, quote, "No morals, no obligation to truth, and I'm just left here, reading the lies, trying to protect my crew. He did it." And in her last Tweet on the subject, she said, quote, "I've been supporting anti-bullying programs forever.  But now I KNOW because it was ME!  If it's school or work, that you're required to go to? "It's horrifying.  I left.  Multiple Physical Assaults.  I REALLY get it now.  Stay safe.  Nothing is worth your safety.  Tell someone." CBS says she voiced a "workplace concern" over a year ago, and they, quote, "worked with her to find a solution." Now this… Her ex-husband claims she wrote “handwritten death threats” against him because he filed for divorce. Musician Coyote Shivers has filed a personal injury case against her, accusing her of trying to harm his reputation. The pair were married from 2000-2006. She has previously accused him of harassing her. 


Kurt Cobain‘s suicide photos will remain sealed after an appellate court in Washington upheld a judgment from 2015 keeping them from being released to the public. Obviously this makes Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain happy. Back in 2014, Richard Lee sued the city of Seattle to try and get the photos released. Lee has spent 23 years investigating Cobain’s death and believes he was actually killed in a conspiracy involving multiple government officials. He lost his original suit in 2015, but filed an appeal last year. On April 21, 2016, Love filed a declaration accusing Lee of trying to exploit Cobain’s death and claiming Lee has “stalked and harassed me, my family, and my friends for many, many years … On one particular occasion, Mr. Lee even filmed himself chasing a limousine for several miles that he thought I was a passenger in. Mr. Lee’s actions make me fear for my safety.”


 Also, Frances Bean Cobain‘s divorce is now settled but yep her ex Isiah Silva gets to keep Kurt’s old guitar afte rall.  It’s the Martin guitar Cobain played during his MTV Unplugged performance in November 1993. Cobain died in the following year in April of suicide. Silva claimed she given him the guitar as a present, while she denied ever giving it to him. In November, it was reported the guitar is worth millions of dollars.


The man who was arrested inside Rihanna's home, where he was waiting to "have sex" with her, is now facing 3 felony charges. Eduardo Leon was set to face a judge Monday afternoon in L.A., but even before arriving in court, he was charged with stalking, burglary and vandalism ... all felonies. He was also charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest. This was the 26-year-old man that was tased and arrested last week after Rihanna's assistant found him inside her L.A.-area house where he stayed at least an entire day. He told police he wanted to have sex with the singer, not rape her. Leon allegedly broke into another home a week earlier, thinking it was Rhianna’s. He was also booked for residential burglary and trespassing. Rihanna was not home at the time of the break-in.



The strange saga of MEGHAN MARKLE and her dad has probably come to an unfortunate end.  Thomas Markle actually changed his mind this morning and said he WANTS to be at the Royal Wedding to walk his daughter down the aisle. But he probably CAN'T . . . because he's having heart surgery this morning.  Apparently, his ticker took some serious damage from that heart attack last week . . . and chances are he won't be well enough to travel to London this weekend. On the plus side, Thomas says his daughter isn't upset with him for staging paparazzi photos of himself getting ready for the wedding. And there is this…remember I said they royal family may be worried about the family baggage? Meghan’s half sister who clearly wasn’t invited to the wedding just talked with TMZ about the reports Meghan wants her to shut the hell up about the wedding and her dad etc 


The first trailer for the QUEEN movie, "Bohemian Rhapsody" has been released. Freddie is played by RAMI MALEK from the TV show "Mr. Robot", and from the footage in the trailer, it looks like he really nails the character.  At the very least, he's got the look down. The best part has to be when they're recording the song "Bohemian Rhapsody", and Freddie informs guitarist BRIAN MAY how the song breaks down.



'Survivor' contestants can apparently get through weeks of competition and mind games, but not a basic NDA agreement ... as two dummies just proved, and it could cost them dearly. A pair of contestants, who are starring in the upcoming season, flagrantly broke their confidentiality agreements this week by posting a photo together ... when they were specifically asked not to just last week. Filming for season 37 wrapped last Wednesday, and upon arriving back home ... sources say contestants were emailed a reminder not to spoil anything with social media activity -- like following each other and, obviously, posing together. Turns out, a guy named Alec Merlino and girl named Kara Kay did just that Sunday, captioning their pic with a not-so-subtle "F*** it" -- which fueled rumors they're on the show. Welp, those rumors were true ... Alec and Kara are on the show, and hit it off in Fiji. The producers are now pissed at them for breaking protocol, and are now looking at possible legal action, withholding prize money ... or both.  Production sources say the NDAs have a $5 million penalty.


Apparently there was an awkward exchange between Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry on "American Idol" this week?  They came back from commercial and Ryan was fully hitting on her, and somehow didn't realize they were live. 


Clayne Crawford is now gone from the Lethal Weapon TV show. Replaced by Sean William Scott. He had issues on set with behavior. Now his ex costar Damon Wayans has taken a few shots at him on social media. Claiming  he physically abused one co-star and wrote that he "relished" making the female cast and crewmembers cry. Wayans shared a photo of his bleeding head from an April 24thepisode Crawford directed.  He also shared a photo of what he says "other people were posting in and around the lot." It featured a sticker that read "Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist." Wayans also claimed Crawford was physically abusive, writing: "He hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open". Wayans said Crawford "has a file of infractions" and asked Warner Bros. to "#releasethetapes."


An Adidas employee was working on Yeezy shoes 2 months ago when a massive 3D printer fell over onto his foot. He was so badly injured he had to be airlifted to the hospital. Sources at the Calabasas complex say people have been "hush hush" about his condition, but word is the foot may have been amputated. The Occupational Safety and Health Association is now trying to determine if there were any workplace violations that caused the accident. If they find any willful or repeated safety violations, Adidas could face fines up to $129k per violation. The victim has not returned to work, and he's lawyered up.


Tidal and the Prince estate announced they will debut a new and unreleased Prince album. Due out in 2019, the album will feature a collection of previously unreleased music from Prince's legendary Vault. Tidal will stream the album exclusively for 14 days as well as make the LP available for download a week after its debut. After that period, the Prince estate will handle the global physical release of the collection.    


It's extremely rare that something happens that actually CHANGES MUSIC.  But I think that just happened.  Because DRAKE recently teamed up with none other than PAUL ANKA . . . and we get to hear the results soon!!! Paul said, quote, "I'm working with a brilliant young artist who is as hot as you can get right now, a fellow young Canadian and his name is Drake.  We recorded something that will be released, out in June.  That's all I can tell you."


Kevin Hart is in talks to star in a remake of Uptown Saturday Night. The original 1974 buddy comedy starred Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby as two friends who visit a high-end, underworld nightclub where they get robbed and have to go searching for a winning lottery ticket.


Korn will play only three shows in the U.S. this year before embarking on a "cool tour" in 2019. Korn has been quiet since completing the tour cycle for its 2016 album, The Serenity Of Suffering, and Welch was asked by Rock & Review if the band intends to return to the road in 2018. he replied, "We're doing only four shows this year in America. Three -- L.A., Vegas, San Francisco -- that's it. We've got some plans to resurrect some cool tour plans next year, 2019. But it's cool to have time off."


Metallica has donated 25,000 euros to an organization in Finland that arranges food and events for the needy. The donation is part of the band's All Within My Hands Foundation, which aims to assist and enrich the lives of members of the communities who have supported the band for years. Metallica made the donation while in Finland to play two concerts in Helsinki on May 9th and May 11th. The gift came as a complete surprise to Heikki Hursti, the head of the charity


The Smashing Pumpkins have announced a national sweepstakes for a 1979 House Party. Inspired by their iconic "1979" music video, the band will perform an intimate show at a secret residential location in Los Angeles, California on June 28th, ahead of the July 12th kickoff of their upcoming "Shiny And Oh So Bright" tour. The sweepstakes winner and a guest will receive exclusive access to the 1979 House Party, a Yamaha guitar, round-trip flights to Los Angeles, a two-night stay at a Hilton property, and a cash card for ground transportation.


ED SHEERAN loves Heinz ketchup.  He carries a reserve with him at all times so he never has to live without it.  He even has the logo tattooed on his arm. Well, Ed is on tour in Ireland right now, so a gelato shop called Gelati Enniscrone & Ballina has decided to honor him . . . with a KETCHUP ICE CREAM.  And it's no joke.  The ice cream is made with Heinz ketchup, then TOPPED with Heinz ketchup.  Ed has yet to try it.  It's not even clear if he knows about it.  His only dates left in Ireland are in Dublin, and Enniscrone is on the opposite coast, more than three hours away. 


Jamie Foxx was on "The Late Show" last night. And did you know Jamie Foxx isn’t his real name?  Here he is talking with Colbert about it. 




Janet Jackson is 52.

Megan Fox is 32.

Adam Richman is 44.  The old host of "Man v. Food"

"Wee-Man" is 45

David Boreanaz is 49"Bones"

Tracey Gold is 49.  She WAS Carol Seaver on "Growing Pains".

Tucker Carlson is 49

Pierce Brosnan is 65

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…if you need an extremely scary looking Mexican actor who is covered from head to toe in tattoos you call this guy.  He’s been in OVER 200 TV shows and movies and almost always stars as a scary or dangerous Mexican….he was in a movie about a large knife…I can’t think of the name of it though….Danny Trejo is 74 years young.  







Today’s birthday girl has had her jugs handled more than ones sitting on the back of the milkman truck in 63 fine films including:



  • Booby Trap
  • The Boobs Of Hazard
  • Strap It On Volume 3
  • Top Heavy Teasers
  • Busty Slut Expo
  • Celebrity Pornhab w/ Doctor Screw
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Meatless In Seattle




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