With all this talk about Leto's take in "Suicide Squad" we found this sweet evolution video of the Joker character... Check this out!
A Wannabe Weather Reporter Almost Gets Struck by Lightning Some guy in Phoenix recently stood in the rain and acted like he was a weather reporter, and live-streamed it on his phone. But he freaked out and dropped it when a bolt of LIGHTNING hit REALLY close to him. WATCH HERE!
Rizzuto, Patrico, Burton, and Moon hit up the golf course to play a few holes courtesy of BackSpin Golf Shop in O'Fallon, IL. Check out the video below and visit for all of your golf needs including equipment, training aids and apparel, lessons, and more.
Tom Segura stopped by the studio today to chat with us before his shows this weekend at the St. Louis Helium Comedy Club . Check out the photos and video of Tom's time in the Point studio below! CHECK IT OUT: Tom Segura on the Rizz Show Tom Segura on The Rizz Show 1 of 8 Share...
Moon and intern Five played a couple songs for us this morning. Watch half of The Headline Hoosiers play "What's Up? by 4 Non Blondes and "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus live on the air below! "What's up?" "Teenage Dirtbag"