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POINTLESS POLL: If You Could Switch Genders For One Day, What Would You Do?

If you could switch GENDERS for one day, what would you do?  Everyone's thought about it . . . just to see what it's really like.  And obviously you'd start off by fondling your new genitalia.  But what about AFTER that?

 Here are the five best ideas we've heard, if people could switch genders for one day . . .


1.  "During my day as a woman, I'd pick up a guy in a bar, have sex with him, and look forward to seeing thE shock on his face when he woke up the next morning next to my original form."


2.  "I'd rob a bank, because everyone would be looking for a woman . . . but I'd be a dude with millions."


3.  "I'd go shopping with my mom.  She has four sons and no daughters."


4.  "Considering my luck, my day as a woman would probably be spent menstruating and feeling sad."


 5.  "During my day as a man I would go to a sperm bank.  Then once I was female again, I would impregnate myself."

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